The Borderlands of Greyhawk

Arrival in Fairhill

The road from Reme proved to be a dangerous route with Orcs waiting to waylay the party a few hours outside Fairhill. The adventurers made quick work of the Orc band, chasing several Orcs through the brush. Mr. Jernigan struck down one Orc with his Lance of Faith while Olonar crippled the other with an arrow through the leg. Olonar speared him through the chest after he gave up the location of his Orc buddies who are led by a Half-Orc named Tavik and are working out of a ruined keep in the wilderness East of Fairhill.

On their way back to the road the party encountered a wizened old man camping with his pig (wearing a woman’s small clothes). The old man tried to run the party off, screaming and swinging at them with his pots and pans. They were able to calm him down enough for him to explain that his wife (the pig) had been the victim of an evil witch who lived in these woods. Mr. Jernigan detected no such magic about the pig; a sign, the old man claimed, of the witch’s power. In the end, they knocked him out and Kaleb took his pig-bride.

The party made it to Fairhill where they were questioned by Baran, the one handed captain of the guard accompanied by Lauriel. Baran told them about some old pervert who had been stealing livestock to do god knows what with them. Kaleb promised to pay whomever owned the pig but he planned to keep her. Baran agreed and instructed them to pay homage at the Temple of Freya as travelers are expected to do so.

Once in town proper, the party learned that Eralion had built a keep some twenty years ago in the nearby wilderness but it had been abandoned for about as long. The townsfolk claim a vampire-shadow haunts it presently and don’t suggest visiting it. Olonar questioned a few Fairhill natives including Dalia, a Halfling waitress at The Tavern of the Three Kegs (which boasts a very fine local ale), but he wasn’t able to get much information. No one seemed to have seen Vortigern but Olonar heard of Orc raids that have been happening recently. Dalia told him of an entire family who had been killed or molested by the Orcs.

Kaleb got himself into trouble pretty quickly at the Drunken Cockatrice Inn, kicking the female innkeeper Glarian right in the face for not allowing him to bring his prize hog inside. Glarian’s bouncers wrestled the Dwarf to the ground and tied him up shortly before Baran showed up to scold Kaleb for making trouble. Kaleb would share a cell with Jory, a drunken patron of the Cockatrice, until the next morning.

Mr. Jernigan and Olonar visited the Temple of Freya where they witnessed Shandril, Priestess of Freya, performing a strange ritual with an ornate, silver crucible. They waited patiently and then paid their respects, gaining Shandril’s favor. Freya is Fairhill’s patron diety which gives Shandril plenty of sway in the town.

Steering clear of the Cockatrice which they’d visited to learn just where Kaleb had been, Olonar and Mr. Jernigan got a room at the less nice Cask and Flagon. Mr. Jernigan stayed behind to conduct his prayers while Olonar went to get more ale. Town guards were spreading news that Sirya, the daughter of Fairhill’s Magistrate had been reported missing!



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