The Borderlands of Greyhawk

Trouble in Fairhill

Our adventurer’s woke ready to seize the day by retrieving Kaleb from the guard house and proceeding directly to Fendrin’s farm to reacquire Kaleb’s swine (with small-clothes included). Not a single ounce of compassion was shown to poor Fendrin (excepting Olonar) who told the story of his life’s tragedies. Content with having the pig once more, the group continued to the Central Market to prepare for their journey to Eralion’s keep.

Arrival in Fairhill

The road from Reme proved to be a dangerous route with Orcs waiting to waylay the party a few hours outside Fairhill. The adventurers made quick work of the Orc band, chasing several Orcs through the brush. Mr. Jernigan struck down one Orc with his Lance of Faith while Olonar crippled the other with an arrow through the leg. Olonar speared him through the chest after he gave up the location of his Orc buddies who are led by a Half-Orc named Tavik and are working out of a ruined keep in the wilderness East of Fairhill.

The Trek to Fairhill

The three-man party set out from Reme with no knowledge of why they were traveling to Fairhill apart from Olonar‘s promise of riches and glory. The weather turned out to be dreadful and several days into their journey the group made camp against a rock face to try and stay dry for the night. Olonar, the groups’ Wood Elf guide, heard a crying child in the wilderness surrounding their campsite and crept out to investigate. The crying turned out to be the vile sounds of a baby Leucrotta coaxing Olonar away from his companions and a battle ensued.


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