The Borderlands of Greyhawk

Trouble in Fairhill

Our adventurer’s woke ready to seize the day by retrieving Kaleb from the guard house and proceeding directly to Fendrin’s farm to reacquire Kaleb’s swine (with small-clothes included). Not a single ounce of compassion was shown to poor Fendrin (excepting Olonar) who told the story of his life’s tragedies. Content with having the pig once more, the group continued to the Central Market to prepare for their journey to Eralion’s keep.

Baran along with 15 of his fellow guardsmen rode into the market to arrest the party for the murder of young Sirya, Magistrate Arlen’s missing daughter, who was found mutilated in their room at the Cask and Flagon. The party sat in a jail cell for most of the day until Lannet snuck into the guard house to introduce himself and spring them. Lannet could implicate Vortigern for the heinous murder, having followed the evil wizard around Fairhill since he had arrived.

Just as the group was being freed and reclaiming their weapons, Fairhill’s alarm bell pealed through the quiet night. Orc raiders had stolen the precious Crucible of Freya (the reason for Fairhill’s bountiful harvests) and put the town to the torch. Olonar, speaking for the party, promised Shandril that they would rescue the crucible and bring the Orcs to justice.

Shandril put her trust in the group and gifted Olonar with Valkria, her plain looking (but not so plain) scimitar. The party chased down the Orc raiders, following them East towards the keep, and were able to save the crucible but not without taking many wounds. Lauriel, Baran’s Lieutenant Colonel, almost died in the fight.

The following morning, our adventuring group rode towards the keep but met an Orc scouting party on a secret path they had found leading to the keep. Lannet was cut down in the battle (bard’s will sing of his puissance). Kaleb was able to save the rest of his companions by leading the Orcs away from Olonar and Mr. Jernigan.



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