The Borderlands of Greyhawk

The Trek to Fairhill

The three-man party set out from Reme with no knowledge of why they were traveling to Fairhill apart from Olonar‘s promise of riches and glory. The weather turned out to be dreadful and several days into their journey the group made camp against a rock face to try and stay dry for the night. Olonar, the groups’ Wood Elf guide, heard a crying child in the wilderness surrounding their campsite and crept out to investigate. The crying turned out to be the vile sounds of a baby Leucrotta coaxing Olonar away from his companions and a battle ensued.

Kaleb, a Dwarven soldier, was the last to wake and taking no time to don his chainmail deftly circumcised the baby Leucrotta, gaining the ire of the Leucrotta’s mother. Mr. Jernigan fell in the battle which Kaleb deemed worthy of insulting by shoving his genitals in Jernigan’s face. Perhaps Kaleb should have been more careful or he wouldn’t have been knocked unconscious by the angry mother moments after jamming his sword hilt-deep in the mothers asshole. Olonar patched up his wounded comrades and they set forth towards Fairhill.

The following night, Olonar told Kaleb and Mr. Jernigan all about finding an amulet in Reme. The amulet had previously belonged to Elarion, a lesser mage, who Olonar believed had perished attempting to become a lich. Olonar explained that Elarion had several magic artifacts in his possession which he planned to “rescue” from the keep Elarion called home. Olonar was interrupted by the squawking of a demonic looking raven, Talon. Olonar then surmised that they were probably being followed by the evil mage Vortigern who studied with him in Reme.

The party continued hastily towards Fairhill and stopped at a farm within a days march of the town to rest. They were shocked to discover that the family who lived there had been brutally murdered, their disfigured bodies strewn about the yard. Mr. Jernigan urged the party to bury them (considering only briefly that they should throw the bodies down a nearby well) and said a prayer to Pelor to ease their passing. Just as Mr. Jernigan finished his prayer, the hands of the recently deceased family shot out of the ground grabbing at their feet. Vortigern and his demonic raven Talon appeared at the edge of the tree line.

Vortigern’s surprise attack was unsuccessful and he fled the scene after Talon fell trying to steal the amulet from the folds of Olonar’s cloak. The party made short work of the once happy family and returned their bodies to the earth (without heads of course).



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